What makes Goa an amazing holiday destination in December?



Travelling is the healthiest addiction, and we all agree to that. People often talk about how great their journey was, but sometimes they fail to collect memories. If one decides to travel, he or she has to be courageous as travelling is never about money but sheer will. There are millions of places to go in this world, but when it comes to Incredible India you simply cannot ignore Goa.


Visiting Goa isn’t a difficult task as it can be explored throughout the year, but when it comes to insane parties and high voltage events you might consider it visiting at the end of the year. December is definitely the perfect time to visit Goa, but do remember that it will cost you high bucks. Who cares, isn’t it? The peak season ensures complete fun and if you’re a party animal then you’re just at the right place.


Christmas Celebrations


Goa is very famous for churches, in fact some of the best churches in India are located in Goa. During Christmas time, all the houses and stores along with the restaurants and pubs are decorated with colourful lights. You can also enjoy tasty cakes during December end.




Visiting Goa and not eating the famous sea food? That would be a shame! Seafood’s are special in Goa as they are available in almost all the restaurants. The exotic menu never fails to attract the tourists, especially the Mackerel seafood item.


Music festivals 


If anyone in India wants to experience a taste of Tomorrow land festival, then they should come and visit Goa. Popularly known for its music events, Goa organizes the Sunburn festival during new year time which is then followed by supersonic festival. If you’re a music freak, then go out to explore the craze among people during new years’ time. A nonstop 7days musical bonanza will be waiting for you.




Goa is known as the LAS Vegas of India because of its casinos. Though casinos are accessible throughout the year, your experience will be extraordinary if you visit them during the Christmas period.


If you’re planning to visit Goa anytime soon, try to keep these points in mind for a perfect vacation.


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